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fourty-two for tea too

the list of things I invite references to (subject to revision without notice)

Yeah, I’ve kept putting off that fandom list. Stuff you may feel encouraged to reference:

Japanese mythology (if I don’t know the specific reference, I can still smile & nod), Robin Hood mythos, Greco-Roman myth, Anansi, OK MYTH IN GENERAL I CAN TAKE IT ALL, (also the Bible I like the Bible lots of neat references there)

Emperor Nelson, Discordianism, John Brown

Shakira, Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, The Church (and various side projects), Storm Large

Narnia, Lewis Carroll, (also I read all the Baum Oz books as a kid but I forgot them)

Peanuts(/Good Ol’ Charlie Brown), Prince Valiant, Non Sequitur, Calvin and Hobbes

Ozy and Millie, Misfile, Questionable Content, Dresden Codak, Cat and Girl, Spinnerette, xkcd, Sinfest, Modest Medusa; John Allison, Kate Beaton, the Giz/Zero/Shouri-verse

the Minx line, MarvelU (yeah, just the whole thing), Alien Legion, Wonder Woman, Superman, Black Canary, Suicide Squad, (Mike W. Barr) Outsiders, JLI, Usagi Yojimbo, Erma Felna; Carla Speed McNeil, Teri Sue Wood, Matt Howarth, Joe Linsner (but seriously, you can hit me with a huge swath of comix/cartoon stuff & I’ll probably get it more or less)

Yotsuba&!, Ah! My Goddess, Tezuka’s Phoenix Cycle, Takeru(Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil), Legend of Mother Sarah (though I’ve forgotten characters’ names); Tsukuba Sakura

Pom Poko, Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, Princess Mononoke, Robotech

old MGM cartoons, old Warner Bros. cartoons

Tron:Legacy, Highlander mythos, Doctor Who, Castle, Cougar Town, The Chicago Code, Happy Days, “Road to…” movies (Bing/Bob/Dottie or the trope they codified)

Batman-related isn’t on the list because I am sick of it. Takahashi Rumiko isn’t on the list because I really mainly like her short stories. The only fandom I’ve really fandomed in all that much online is Wonder Woman, but who cares?

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