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I did my best to make this slideshow amusing, but also genuinely informative for people who were curious about D&D.

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If you enjoyed this slideshow and you ship Johnlock, you might want to read On The Ice, which goes into greater detail about how an actual gaming session proceeds, and also features plenty of smut.

This is awesome.

this is surprisingly accurate 

But it forgot the warhammer RPGs :( 

it’s D&D but 80s grim but also in space. this does not mean there are not elves and wizards. Only if you are a wizard there’s a chance a demon might crawl out your skull one day??? 

man even in space I can’t get away from elves and wizards?

this is bullshit

no dude this is 40k where the elves are all hair metal elves and the wizards are psychics who may or may not be connected directly to hell 

sort of hell 

it’s complicated

…However space elves STILL fuck up everything.

But half the armies you run into will be different flavors of Space Marines. Occasionally giant space bugs.

Via The Wilderness of Mirrors

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