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fourty-two for tea too

Stupid opening paragraph in TNR

Every significant political movement creates, or inherits, a compelling image of the people it vows to liberate and serve. The contemporary American right, for instance, idealizes the self-reliant, nuclear family in its modest home, with Bible verses on the wall and a flagpole in the yard. But what image comes to mind when progressives think about the Americans who would benefit from a more egalitarian society?

I know this family. Suburban, white picket fence, one-story house, gable at 110°, painted the color of copper patina, Mom and both kids (a boy & a girl) have freckles, Mom dyes or bleaches her hair, Dad smokes and the kids never give him a hard times about it—wait, you say, that’s excessively precise! Oh? And what you are talking about isn’t?

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