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fourty-two for tea too

philippos42 said: Have you ever eaten a whole cake/cheesecake/pie in one sitting? And I mean like a full-sized one. (Now I'm wondering if I have done that. Well, a cake, maybe.)


I think … no?? Which is kind of amazing, now that I think about it.

Oh, yeah, packs of cookies do not last for me.

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Over 5,500 Iraqis have been slaughtered since the invasion of ISIS, with tens of thousands of Christians, Shias and Kurds demonised and forced to flee their homes. The world doesn’t seem to care because Iraq is not in Gaza. For those of you posting about Gaza only, I wish you just make an effort to see what’s been happening in Iraq and stand up to this cancer that’s plaguing both Iraq and Syria… Isn’t it about humanity after all?!

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Why does it seem like everyone wants to collab with our Dazzler? Probably because everyone wants to collab with our Dazzler. Our girl, she is on a roll!


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Respect your characters, even the ­minor ones. In art, as in life, everyone is the hero of their own particular story; it is worth thinking about what your minor characters’ stories are, even though they may intersect only slightly with your protagonist’s.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer + foreshadowing


*weeps copiously*

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Rule 1. Always post the rules

Rule 2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you and write 11 new ones

(Rule 3. Tag 11 people and link them to the post) <—optional

(Rule 4. Actually tell them you tagged them.) <—also optional

My questions, from strange-radio, and thanks for thinking of me:

1. What’s your favorite non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage? (I basically drink only alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, plus plain cold water, so I’m shamelessly trying to expand my horizons here.)

I thought about this a fair bit. I think plain water is the objective best, for not leaving sugar and such crud on teeth, but I still drink too much pop.

Favorite? Eh, after a lot of thought, and deciding just to recommend something cool, I’m gonna go with limeade. Limeade quality is uneven, but a good limeade is pretty cool.

Are the coyote gangs still controlling the lime trade? Maybe I shouldn’t be recommending limeade right now.

2. chocolate, sugary candy, or baked goods?

It varies? I have been eating a lot of chocolate lately.

3. Do you own your or have reliable access to a personal vehicle (bikes count if you use them) or use public transit?

Not really. I miss my bike.

4. Of the above two options, which do/would you prefer?

Where I live now, having my own vehicle would be very preferable to what passes for public transit. If I lived in Chicago or somewhere, I might prefer to walk and take public transit rather than have ot worry so much about where to put a vehicle.

5. When you’re reading something (fic or otherwise) does any particular tense or person/pov throw you out of a story? Do you even notice that kind of detail?

I do notice it. I’m not a fan of present tense, unless it’s in second person (such as in interactive works). I think future might work in some cases, and almost certainly better than present.

So, second person + present is sometimes OK, and practically required for interactive stories. Past + first or third person is OK. Past that you may just sound awkward and unprofessional.

6. Tell me an interesting sensory detail about the place you live. (city, state, home, whole country, “where you live” is defined loosely.)

Down in the valley, not that far away, there is a railroad track. No passenger trains along it, but lots of coal trains. I grew up with the occasional sound of trains, and it seems sort of comforting and normal to me. (Fossil fuel dependence aside.)

7. What do you do in fandom/on tumblr? Fic? Vidding? Art? Are you a fab reblogger who doesn’t generate original content but curates a mean blog? Some other thing I have failed to mention b/c I’m a fail boat?

What do I do?

I reblog stuff. I don’t really write like I did years ago. I read a couple of fandom comms on Dreamwidth, but I don’t generally post much to them.

8. Do you like to dance? In public?

I…am pretty clumsy.

9. Who is your favorite bi character or favorite character to read as bi? (even if they aren’t explicitly defined or commonly accepted as such?)

I don’t think I have one? I mean, “favorite” is always hard—or arbitrary—for me, and I’ve never picked a “favorite bisexual.” I’ve been a Wonder Woman fan, and an X-Men fan, and there are a few characters that can be read as bi in those, but it’s not a driving component of my interest in them. I may actually not be slashy enough for someone’s bisexuality to be a big part of them being a fave.

I suppose I can accept that Mystique is bi, but my headcanon was that she was more sort of personally gender-bending (but in which direction?) than bi, and the attempt to put her in mainly het relationships, as a straight woman, seems odd to me.

I can see how people read Wonder Woman as bisexual, but she’s pretty heteroromantic in canon overall, and I read her that way.

Maybe I’m too stuck in comic-book fan mode here. But I’m having trouble coming up with much. When I want a bi character for a story of my own, I can just make one up—but of course I don’t write. :p

Wait, I wrote all that, & I can just say Dora Bianchi. Or Spinnerette, maybe. Favorites are hard. Or Willow Rosenberg—but then Buffy (whom I arguably love more) had bi experiences in the comics, and oh, I give up.

10. Do they have Denny’s wherever you’re at in the world? Also, why am I not in a Denny’s right now?

Yes. Aren’t you? Right now? Are you sure?

11. Marvel or DC? (Or is it time-period/writer/character dependent?

It is time-period/writer/editorial policy/series/artist dependent. But this summer I’ve been buying some Marvel and no DC. Maybe I’ll pick up DC’s Sensation when that gets going. I have gone back and forth between Marvel & DC in the past, and bought comics from both at various points.

It may be more relevant that I like female characters, writer-artists, series that are more self-contained than crossover-heavy, not-so-mainstream stuff, and even art nouveau elements. More relevant than who publishes a thing.

And of course I am a cranky old comics fan who thinks the editorial chiefs of both companies are kind of punks. Dick Giordano! Now there was an editor! Get offa my lawn!

New questions:

1. What’s a quote from a really obscure source that sticks with you?

2. Do you have a color of clothing you wear a lot?

3. What do you wish you could buy or otherwise obtain for yourself?

4. What do you wish you could buy or otherwise obtain for someone else?

5. About what subject do you think you personally tend to become a snob or elitist?

6. Would you rather have pizza, noodles, or lasagna (tonight)?

7. What’s a remake, re-imagining, song cover, or, um, work done as a version of another work—that you especially enjoy?

8. What’s a parody or spoof (could be of a whole genre or trope, of course) you especially enjoy?

9. Alternatively, is there a remake, adaptation, whatever, that bothers you in some way?

10. Jazz, blues, soul, or hip-hop?

11. Pink Floyd or Queen?

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"Starships" fanvid, Nicki Minaj

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Almost All Of The Defendants In ATF’s Fake Drug Stings Are Minorities

Wait, let me fix that for you.


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