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She Can Fly: Don't Call Her Thordis


My thoughts on the new, upcoming Thor title, and how it’s kind of silly that people are complaining about Thor being a woman.

Yeah, people complaining about “pandering” must have a very limited familiarity with Marvel. Wacky variations on their trademark characters is a thing with them. And as for “pandering” through “representation”—well, these are the people who publish a character called Black Panther.

And Marvel only has eight solo female leads? Let’s see: Kamala, Carol, Shulkie, who else? Anyone?

Because if it’s, “has had,” ever, then there’s also Dazzler, Jessica Drew, Jessica Jones, Mattie Franklin, um…some miniseries for various X-Women, Shanna, Greer, and Bobbi at various points (though maybe not as the book’s title character)…I guess Millie the Model and Night Nurse don’t count?

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We’re number one!

Welcome to Washington, where you’re an “economic patriot” if you turn a blind eye to corporate tax dodgers who owe this nation billions of dollars and instead take it from middle-class benefits paid for by average Americans , the truest patriots of all, who worked a lifetime building the economy that fuels those corporate profits to begin with.

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I had a misunderstanding with someone I respect and feel terrible.

This sounds like me!


Rocket Racoon empathizes with Pepe le Pew. He’s being trying to date a cat who won’t give him the time of day too.


Yeah, you obv. haven’t read Captain Marvel (current series) #2. Rocket is not a cat fan.

Wait, being a crossover appearance in someone else’s book, its authority in regards to his characterization is not high. And an anthropomorphic cat is presumably different from a “flerkin.” So…you may have something there anon.


My D&D/Pathfinder character, Smuckers the Gelatinous Cube. Looks a little better in High Res, where tumblr hasnt squashed it down </3.

I can’t wait to play as this thing hahah!

- - -

"Born from a warlock who had botched an attempt to prolong his own life by binding his soul to an article of clothing. The possessed item was left in a dungeon, in hopes that a powerful adventurer would pick it up and allow the warlock to take control. Unfortunately, the only creature to happen by was a large Gelatinous Cube.

With no mind to possess, the warlock was forced to merge his soul with the creature before the item disintegrated within the cube. Alas, this was not enough to reincarnate the warlock, erasing the last of his life from the world. However, the Gelatinous Cube was left with a new-found sense of self-awareness and heightened intelligence due to the fragment of soul that lingered from the departed warlock. A soul the cube of jelly had claimed for itself. This also allowed the Gelatinous Cube abilities in evocations, able to summon powerful Eldritch Blasts and other spells pulled forth from the soul it had inherited.

With a new sense of being, intelligence and awareness, “Smuckers” now travels the world in search of adventure, treasure, friends and a hometown who’s residents wont run away screaming at the sight of it.”




Earth 23’s Wonder Woman & Superman :)
with Fan Boys Love Tony Ray

Reblogging for their expressions here.

Because look, okay, I am team Lois&Clark all the way except for sometimes when I am team Kara/Lois but this may be the very first picture where maybe I can see Diana/Clark. Like


maybe it doesn’t have to be the story of two people who are the only ones raised enough above the unwashed masses of humanity to match each other

maybe it is the story of a farmboy from Kansas

who meets

a goddess

Oh, man, her skin’s shade…

Is that a sunburst under the double-w? Leaving aside the odd naveled white girdle, which I’m not so sold on, that is a very cute visual redesign.

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