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You win this round cheese

actually that is a rectangle cheese

[oxford comma laughing in the distance]

[vocative comma wondering what oxford comma thinks it’s doing here]

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the preeminent gail simone of our time

One’s too many and a hundred ain’t enough.

100% truth

never heard of her.

If feminists wish to be accepted in the comic industry, or any industry, then make something of genuine worth and individuality, instead of a statement about gender inequality by just flipping organs between parties.

Why is Ellen/ Robin Williams popular as a comedian? Because s/he’s good at it. Why are Dane Cook/Sarah Silverman  on the fringes of an industry? Because they fucking suck ass.

Gender does not matter. Stand on creative merit!


"Comic." "Comic." We’ve misnamed these things. We really have.

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And he wears a fedora?

That, “if you know what I mean,” shows a lack of imagination. I could imagine more than one thing he could mean.

Well, I can kinda guess.

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Let me introduce you to the most evil word in the English language: ‘Just.’ Stick it near the beginning of some advice, and you can turn someone else’s vicious lifelong struggle into a trivial task they should feel ashamed for not having mastered by now.

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philippos42 | Three Aussie bands from a few decades ago.

OK, last day of the writing meme.

I kept meaning to do a Midnight Oil post, but I’m going to make it a post about my favorite Aussie bands. Because some of my favorite bands when I was young were from Australia.

I discovered Midnight Oil in high school. They were sort of political, kind of crabby, and I liked them. I borrowed some albums on cassette from a friend. The accents were thick, the lyrics strange. I didn’t know what all they were talking about, but that was interesting. But eventually I realized some of their songs seemed to have an environmental consciousness. So Oils were my favorite band for a while.

But Oils were the favorite band of my social conscience. At some point I stopped wanting to listen to songs that were so rooted in the real world. I was losing my will to fight for things. And I think I kind of stopped liking Peter Garrett so much for…other reasons.

I turned then to another band, that like Oils, had dense, strange lyrics, that had struck youthful me as, “music for science fiction.” That was the Church, whom I discovered with Starfish. Steve Kilbey’s voice reminded me of my own voice at that time, and it was he that actually made me think I could sing and sound OK. I like the Church, but I only have a few of their albums. As I understand it, they were more “jangle pop” before Starfish, and became rather more trance later. But I liked the odd psychedelic quality of Kilbey’s lyrics, which endured for some time, I suppose, even as their albums became more instrumental.

I lost track of their new releases for a time, and was later surprised to learn that between band albums and solo albums, Kilbey, Koppes, and Willson-Piper had been putting out about an album a year for decades. And last I knew, Steve Kilbey was doing a project where a single patron could pay him a sum of money to write a song. Out of my price range!

And of course, being in high school in that era, I also liked INXS. They weren’t my favorite, favorite band, but they had a cool sound early on. And being more commercial pop rock, it was pretty common to find other people who knew them.

Years later, INXS would have a reality show to add a new lead singer. I watched it devoutly. And in fact, they picked a younger North American, about my age, to be their lead singer for a while. Then, let’s see, I think their bassist got injured, the new lead singer had a falling out with their manager, and they stopped touring. That was years ago, I haven’t really checked up on them since.

I don’t really know much about Aussie music otherwise. I think I have the soundtrack to Young Einstein somewhere. :þ

Grand ideas kill first efforts. Begin with something in your range. Then write it as a secret.

Louise Erdrich (via theparisreview)

This is actually really good advice.

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weird as it sounds, this has worked out pretty well for me. If you fuck up, no problem. And if you end up with something good? Awesome. I do surprisingly good work when I’m not worried about how it’s going to come out.

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philippos42 | "It said 'trains,' take a chance!"

Yeah, I kind of gave up on the writing meme. Sorry. OK, today you get a mildly funny (and mostly true) story.

I know a couple who own a little mom’n’pop bookstore. One side has books, and the other side has games. The game side used to have model trains, and they had a sign and a yellow pages ad saying, “books, games, trains.”

Well, they sold some model trains, but they also would get lots of phone calls looking for actual train schedules. They’re located in a town with no passenger train service; if you want out, take the bus. So people looking for transportation out of town, and hoping for train tickets, would in desperation call up the model train store. It doesn’t look likely, but it does say “trains” in the phone book, and it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

So at some point the proprietors were getting more would-be travelers looking for actual passenger train service than customers buying model trains. They sold off their model train stuff and got out of the business.

But once in a while, they still get the calls….

philippos42 | Of course they are!!!

OK, since I’ve been missing days, a short bonus writing meme post to make up for Saturday—which more or less would have been Saturday’s post if I had remembered:

It occurs to me that some of the revamps of major comic book superheroes in recent years are not only, “Why haven’t we done that yet?” but a bit of, “Of course they are!” That is, “Of course they are!” if you asked someone with only the barest familiarity with the property.

Wonder Woman is Superman’s girlfriend? “Of course she is!” as you might be told by someone unfamiliar enough with the mythos to confuse Wonder Woman and Lois Lane.

Spider-Man is black now? (That is, in the “Ultimate” comics) Hasn’t he always been?

Going back a little further, we could add more:

The Avengers work for the government, so they’re basically a military outfit? Of course!

And Spider-Man has to be an Avenger, right? Of course he is!

So Spidey is a government employee? Uh….

And having a Robin who was literally Bruce Wayne’s son may have been playing with that trope.

philippos42 | Fandom, obsessive behavior, and me

I lately went through a big binge of Narnia fic. A few days ago I got interested in a new board game. I’ve had months of my life disappear to online flash games.

I have this thing where I discover something new, or start something new—could be a band, a writer, a game—or a job, going to school, whatever—and go in way too hard very fast. I will obsess on something to a striking degree. And then, often, I will get over it.

Maybe I totally burn out and get sick of it, and never want to see it again. I have seen its flaws, I have lost weeks of my life, and I don’t want to spend any more time on it.

Sometimes it’s something I’ll feel attached to for a long time thereafter, just a part of my regular bag of affiliations and affections.

And in some of those cases, I may (as with Harlan Ellison) eventually hit a point where, with distance of time, I decide that it really wasn’t that good, or not something I personally like after all.

I’m not sure where I’m going on this fanfic binge. Will I still be reading Heliopause’s fics in four years? Will I just walk away for a while? Will I leave it and come back?

I don’t know.

This stinking board game, though, I’m gonna burn out pretty hard and fast, I think. Familiar pattern.

Moderation is hard.

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