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I don’t endorse aerial bombing as a sound strategy; I think it’s terroristic, prone to massive collateral damage, overused by the USA, and perhaps should be a war crime. But are you actually equating Islamic State to, “the Iraqi people”?
Absolutely not. I’m saying that the Iraqi people, who already besieged by the ISIS terrorist cancer, will undoubtedly suffer even more tragedy and death as a result of the particular strategy adopted by the USA, and that this is not acceptable. No matter how smart our bombs supposedly get, there is no way they can discriminate between the terrorist and the civilian, so what will bombing accomplish but further destruction?
Since the USA essentially created and enabled this mess, there is certainly responsibility to go around (I’m working on a petition to drop John McCain on ISIS), but this is like attempting to clean up broken glass with dynamite.
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Syrian’s take part in a Latin dance class - Damascus, Syria

God bless the brave Syrian people, my thoughts are with you. Stay strong, stay safe & god bless Syria

OK, I’m reblogging this one just because it’s so cute!

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Who are the Assyrians and what are the Nineveh Plains?   


An unknown minority group that is neither Kurd nor arab

Aramaic-speaking Christians? Some of us have heard of you, yes.

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Budget Medicare changes come under attack at Springwood rally


Sept. 17, 2014, midnight

The federal government’s proposed changes to Medicare came under fire at a rally in Springwood on Saturday.

Protestors at Saturday's 'Save Medicare' rally in Springwood.

Protestors at Saturday’s ‘Save Medicare’ rally in Springwood.

Nurses, unionists and members of the public gathered in Buckland Park to oppose the planned $ 7 Medicare co-payment – a controversial budget proposal that is yet to find support in the Senate

Labor Senator Doug Cameron said the “so-called co-payment is simply a $ 7 tax”.

He urged the Palmer United Party (PUP) senators to block the change in the Senate.

“I just hope Clive Palmer – who I don’t think understands what happens to ordinary people – and his PUP party actually do meet the commitments they’ve made to look after ordinary Australians,” he said.

Labor spokeswoman for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, said the changes would hit young people and students especially hard.

“My reason for wanting to save Medicare is that getting access to a doctor and healthcare should not depend on your bank balance. It’s a fundamental principal of being Australian,” she said.

Aged care nurse Jocelyn Hofman told the rally she feared the federal government wants to undermine Medicare.

“We are very concerned the current federal government has begun a stealthy process to dismantle Medicare,” she said.

“We fear the plan is to create a two tier health system similar to what operates in the USA. Our Prime Minister talks a lot about ‘Team Australia’ but in health care there will be two teams – one team will be covered by expensive private insurance, the other team will have to make do with a second-class, under-funded health system.”

Labor’s candidate for Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle, also spoke at the rally.

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I started reading this not clear that it was in Australia.

Good lord, why do Canada, Australia, and the USA all call their socialized medical insurance programs (rather divergent in design) ”Medicare”?

If elected, I’ll vote to replace USA Medicare with a system that is not means-tested, not dependent on age nor disability, and has its own name.

When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.

A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States.  (via 33113)

Ah, yes! That’s the Anglo-Saxon influence, I think. The English love dogs to an astonishing degree. And yes, even we think it’s ridiculous how far it goes. I love my dog, but she’s not my child. (Although the nicknames I give the pets—calling the dog, “little girl,” and the cat, “kid,” I’m pretty bad by some other people’s standards.)

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The truth.



The Independent: “Obama becomes fourth president in a row to go on tv and announce Iraq bombings”

And yet neither Iraq nor America are any safer. Quite the opposite. They should all be hanged, drawn and quartered. Traitors to humanity.

I don’t endorse aerial bombing as a sound strategy; I think it’s terroristic, prone to massive collateral damage, overused by the USA, and perhaps should be a war crime. But are you actually equating Islamic State to, “the Iraqi people”?

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